Saturday, 12 November 2011

Unlocked Nokia 800 Lumia delayed until 2012?

The Nokia 800 Lumia is hitting UK shelves next week, but we have bad news for those of you who are not signing long-term agreements. We know that the SIM free version of WP smartphone could be delayed until January 2012.
The reports are from the United Kingdom, cloves and no official confirmation yet, so take with a pinch of salt for now. However, the online retailer has a good record with these things.It is however, not clear whether the delay applies to UK only or whether it will be a global thing. We assume that there will be too dramatic in the UK, where all of the major airlines are offering the Nokia 800 Lumia anyway, but could become a big problem all elsewhere.Also there is no confirmation of the fate of other Nokia smart phones WP – Lumia 710. That one should be available this month too, but have yet to see if it is only sold on a contract.

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