Saturday, 26 November 2011


Nokia had a strong partnership with Microsoft for years. In the past, the Finnish telecommunications company has disposed of several operating system software manufactured by our own software unit to make room for Windows 7 operating system from Microsoft. Now, Nokia is all set to add another Microsoft operating system on your device, Windows 8. Recently in an interview with Les Echos, a French tabloid, Paul Amsellem, the French CEO of Nokia unveiled.

The interview was organized mainly to meet the recently announced Windows 7 Nokia phones. However, during the course of the interview Amsellem offered some valuable data about the upcoming Windows 8 based tablets. Reported that in June 2012, Nokia will release a Windows-based tablet 8. This offer Amsellem information comes as an echo of one of the latest statements by Stephen Elop, CEO of Nokia, said that Nokia is planning to offer something new on your next tablet.
This is not the first company to attempt to enter the train of the tablets. Nokia officials have been talking about the launch of a tablet that offer iPad competition for many years. However, due to the struggle faced by Nokia mobile phones on the market in recent years made the management of the company halted its plans to enter the tablet market. The revelation about the Windows-based tablet 8 shows that Nokia has been prepared to fulfill his dream of providing competition to the iPad. The Windows 8 will be a perfect platform for tablets.

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