Thursday, 17 November 2011

Samsung Galaxy Nexus now on sale in the UK on various carriers

As promised, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is available in the UK today. It's available on a few retailers right now with stock coming to several others too. The Android pure-blood is available on UK's biggest carriers on contract and will soon be available contract free as well.
Phones4u has the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in stock and is selling it both over the Internet and in their brick and mortar stores. There are offers for all major UK carriers with 2-year contracts.
The first 100 people to get it from Phones4u will reportedly get a £250 voucher - but since sales started at 8AM at Phone4u's store at Oxford Street in London, that deal might be gone already (drop us a comment if you have info on that).
uSwitch carries the Galaxy Nexus too, with deals for the major carriers (we're talking 18 and 24-month contracts again). Deals start at £31 a month if you want to get the smartphone for free.
CarphoneWarehouse is offering the Galaxy Nexus too - currently their only offer is free phone with a 2-year contract with Orange UK (starting at £36/month).
Next up is Clove, who will offer Google's latest Nexus phone for £515 contract-free. The first units should be in stock by November 23.
Amazon UK also lists the Samsung Galaxy Nexus contract-free for £520, but their stock is expected to arrive later, December 2.
If you spot deals in other UK stores, don't forget to leave a tip in our comment sections for our other readers.

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