Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Samsung Galaxy III specification release, 1.8 GHz dual-core anyone

Samsung Galaxy III hope that sometime in 2012 if we believe what the photo below offers. The image in question not only tells us when, but we can not expect to be notified to the Samsung logo.In a presentation describing the family’s progress Galaxy III is in the upper right corner, and with her juicy specifications listed below.It is assumed that the Galaxy III will bring to the table and Exynos 4212 1.8 GHz dual core (four cores sorry, not for the moment) processor twinned with 2 GB of RAM. There is also a Super AMOLED 4.6 inches high definition screen providing a resolution of HD without PenTile technology found in the current Samsung screens and complete the list of S supposedly will have a camera next to nothing less that using a W750 12 MP BSI CMOS sensor for image control.
The informant, who spent all this information also mentioned a few other goodies, such as LTE and support NFC (which very well with Google Wallet), and a flat screen, more in line with the Galaxy family and not as a suspect , similar to the first next Nexus. Interestingly, the S III apparently also includes four buttons typical of Android, despite a 99% certainty that it will run the last ice cream sandwich construction of Google’s mobile operating system.
Now, as a warning that any content filtering is floating on the internets, there are several things to increase illegitamacy of this flight. For one thing, the spelling errors are common in the slide, along with the original Galaxy being misquoted to run a Exynos chipset itself. Also, do not fully correlate with the specifications of the Galaxy III 4chan, but there are some similarities.
It is likely that we will get a screen size of about 4. 6 inches, a 2 GHz dual core reaching the mark, and a rear chamber double-digit dip megapixel NFC support, but beyond that do not take what we are showing here as gospel, only a sample of what come.

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