Friday, 18 November 2011

Haqqani terms allegations of Ijaz Mansoor as baseless

WASHINGTON, (SANA): Pakistani Ambassador to US Hussain Haqqani said he did not write or deliver any memo to Mike Mullen.
Talking to the media in Washington after addressing a ceremony of Pakistani community, Hussain Haqqain said that allegations leveled against him were false, baseless and fabricated.
He said the allegation becomes importance when somebody pays attention on it but this is strange that a US citizen has leveled charges against Pakistan’s ambassador.
“I do not want this non-issue of an insignificant memo written by a private individual and not considered credible by its lone recipient to undermine democracy,” Haqqani told the media.
According to Haqqani, many people were against his posting in the USA as a civilian ambassador had been appointed after a long time. Haqqani added that he tried his best to strengthen democratic process in Pakistan.
He termed the act a conspiracy and propaganda against him and said that some people do not like a civilian ambassador in the US.
Haqqani added that he is going to Pakistan on the orders of President Zardari and he will decide about his future as an ambassador.
He said that the democratically elected government should have to complete its term, adding that it will take time to abolish the wrongs of all dictators including Ziaul Haq.

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