Thursday, 17 November 2011

Facebook Attacked With Unsolicited Content, Investigation In Progress!

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking site has now been showing vulnerability to unknown attacks that led some unsolicited and obscene content (Facebook Spam, to put it nicely) to be posted on user’s walls.
This is one of the first attacks on Facebook that’s considered to be so widespread and unacceptable. Users infected with this have unknowingly shared such indecent content on their walls.
Facebook said it’s already investigation into the attack. It terms this as a “coordinated spam”  attack and claims that it has been resulted by the way of a browser exploit. Facebook has already taken measures to limit the scope of attack but users need to be careful about the attack.
One of the possible ways that the attack has spread is by click-jacking where the infection spreads to the other person’s wall or profile when he/she clicks on a picture or link on the use’s account already whose account has already been compromised with violated content.
Facebook spokesman Andrew Noyes was quoted as saying:
“We experienced a coordinated spam attack that exploited a browser vulnerability. Our efforts have drastically limited the damage caused by this attack, and we are now in the process of investigating to identify those responsible.”
The content includes videos, internet links and images including doctored photos of celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rihanna. If you find such content posted on your wall someday, do not hesitate to change your password, as Facebook suggests.
There’s nary a word on who caused the attack and why, but Facebook is already investigating and we may find out soon enough. TNerd suggests users to maintain str0ng passwords for their Facebook accounts, and refrain from sharing content from unknown sources.
Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most popular social networking places on the web. It has already crossed the 800 million users mark and is ever growing in popularity and use on the global scale.
We will keep you posted as more details surface. Stay tuned!

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