Thursday, 17 November 2011

Acer introduces ICONIA

The world’s most advanced touchbook. Dual screens. Full touch interface. A truly unique experience.
Ready for an all-point multi-touch experience? Simply touch open the Acer Ring by placing five fingers on the screen and making a grab gesture and scroll effortlessly through your favourite applications and features

Simply place both palms on the bottom screen and the virtual keyboard with a full-sized QWERTY layout, international language support and touchpad instantly appears, giving you the same experience of a traditional phisycal keyboard with the addition of predictive text input for natural-speed typing while avoiding mistakes.
ICONIA puts your social life in one place with SocialJogger. Check updates from your Facebook®, YouTube® and Flickr® contacts in a single glance, using the dual screens to check posts and updates on the bottom display and the second display for exploring and viewing more content.
The built-in Gesture Editor is a simple and intuitive way to personalize your ICONIA, letting you set customized gestures to launch specific applications, open websites, view your desktop or even lock your computer.

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