Thursday, 27 October 2011

It's All About Good Sex

Expert Author Przemek Plackowski
The methods suggested by professionals on how to get pregnant with a boy are not fool-proof and may not always achieve the preferred result. They do, however, increase the chances of conceiving a boy based on the application of both scientific and practical knowledge, and are, therefore worth a try.
The fact that males have x-y chromosomes is a major factor to consider in methods concerning the conception of a boy. Since the male's Y chromosome is the one responsible for determining the gender of the baby, a couple wanting to have a baby boy should understand the importance of promoting an environment that favors the Y chromosome's passage to the female egg. Alkalinizing the body can achieve this purpose as it paves an easier way for the less-enduring Y chromosome to reach the egg before it snuffs off.
One way of reinforcing an alkaline environment within the female reproductive passages is to help her reach the big "o". During orgasm, a female secretes vaginal fluid that is alkaline in nature, thus creating an environment that favors the boy sperm, and increasing the couple's chances of siring a boy. This shouldn't be hard to do if the man cares enough to do a good job of making the intercourse worthwhile for both him and his woman.
The matter of how to get pregnant with a boy is also concerned with how soon the female egg will be available to accommodate the sperm cells. Since y chromosomes do not last as long as x chromosomes do, it is ideal to schedule an intercourse aimed at getting pregnant on the day of the ovulation itself, or perhaps a day after. This will ensure that the boy chromosomes live long enough to get an equal chance at fertilizing the female egg. There are ways by which the ovulation cycle can be monitored each month, and a woman should choose what works best for her lifestyle and schedule.
Sperm cells with the boy chromosome tend to move fast and die young, hence, favoring sexual positions that promote deep penetration ensures that these sprinter y chromosomes reach their goal first before they slow down and die. Putting some effort into the methods on how to get pregnant with a boy may seem like hard work, but it is work that allows a little fun along the way, and the end result is hardly disappointing either way.

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