Thursday, 27 October 2011

6 Valuables That Don't Belong In Your Wallet

For easy portability, people tend to keep important things in their wallet. While it is an efficient way, it is nevertheless very risky. If supposed you are becoming the victim of theft, your wallet will be an easy pass for the thief to access all your personal data and wealth. Here are 6 valuables you'd better leave at home.
1. A generous amount of money
Carrying a huge amount of money will hurt when they get stolen. It is fine to bring a little extra money, however you are suggested to bring an amount that suits a day expense.
2. Personal Identification Numbers and Passwords
Some people can forget the PIN or passwords to their ATM, e-mail account, home alarm, or any passworded personal belongings. Writing (or listing) the passwords on a piece a paper and keeping them in the wallet or purse is the worst thing you could ever do. You will give the thief total access to your personal belongings. For better security measure, write them down digitally in your cell phone and protect it with password (hope you can remember this one).
3. A huge collection of credit card
Besides carrying a lot of money, people also tend to bring along all their credit cards inside the wallet. When they all get stolen, it will take some time to cancel all of them and get the replacements. Bring one or a couple of credit cards for daily transaction and leave the others safely at your home; that will be wiser.
4. USB devices
Sometimes people store confidential data or important presentation in USB devices and keep them in the wallet. Either meant for primary data or mere backup, losing them is a great pain. Irresponsible thieves may misuse the data and use them for your inconvenience.
5. Social Security card
The digits in your Social Security can mean a lot to you or the thief. With the identification number on the card, other people can apply for a loan, buy luxury items, or open a credit card. While they enjoy the items, it will be your loss to pay for their shopping spree.
6. Passport
When you are traveling abroad, it is a must to bring along your passport. However, carrying it around everywhere you go is not a safe thing to do; you'd better keep it inside the hotel safe instead. For your identification, bring the photocopy of the passport and your driving license inside your wallet. This is a better way to prevent identity theft.

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